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Contents - List of Scams by Type and by profession. 

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Analysis: OOOPS........ no not buying this one either.
First if it was REAL, the Lawyer in Question would not be sending out a poorly written albeit English Letter. Second why would the Nigerian Government be working with the Benin Government? ( Benin is a smaller country and less developed)
African High Court? Searches returned NO search result for African High Court. There is an South African High Court, but no African High Court. Obviously when you contact this guy, he will then ask you for your bank info so that the money can be transferred INTO your account. What he will NOT do is tell you that with your bank routing code and account info, he can also TAKE money out of your account...
So if you have been scammed in the past.. you are about to be scammed again.

Read Carefully
This to acknowledge you that your e-mail id is found among those that
have been scammed, and your compensation have been approved from the
Supreme High Court here in Nigeria and the Africa High court of justice in Benin Republic, we are asked to contact you by the Nigerian and Benin republic President on how to send you a total of ($3.5million) United State Dollars by the Diplomatic Courier and your funds has been cashed in Dollars here in
So you are advice to contact the lawyer in charge of your fund and his name is BARRISTER FRED PRICE(SAN) he his located at cotonou, Benin Republic and make sure you contact him with your full Contact information such as:
Your home address.......
Telephone number.........
Your occupation...........
Zip code....................
With your international passport, or driverís license or state I.D Card........

For more information on how to make the money send to you because many People complain about scamming every day from Nigeria and all over Africa which we are trying to stop this fraudulent act from Nigeria and all over Africa which we are assuring you that it will STOP because we are now working with the internet operation such

And I want you to keep this code, because this code will ensure you and Alert you in any day you receive a scam e mail from this country. And as soon as you contact BARRISTER JAMES GREG(SAN) with your full contact
information requested, he will forward everything to the Nigerian
Presidency's Office to issue out your Awarded Certificate as the rightful

E-mail Address :
Phone number; +229 93123764

Contact him in regarding of your money fund to be delivered to you by the Diplomatic courier service and also any beneficiary will be responsible for shipping fees so as to avoid any scam.The fees is just only $500.00 and you will receive your fund from the High Court because as soon as you contact the lawyer in charge of your fund he will alert the United State Bureau and also your state police for the fund to be delivered to you without any restriction and problem when the fund get to you in your location area.

Best Regard.
Mr. Fred Price


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