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Contents - List of Scams by Type and by profession.

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What is a Moogu? As in where "Mugu's Come to Learn"

A moogu is what the people who perpetrate the Nigerian style scams call you and I.  Mugu is a term used by the scammers among themselves to describe their intended victims. Roughly translated this term mean "big fool".

The Nigerian Style of scam basically goes like this:
A person will contact you begging forgiveness for contacting you.. you see they found you on the internet and well they have this large sum of money..
Common Scams here are:
General / Colonel / Major Someasshole
from Africa died and his family needs to get his money out of the country. It is in the MILLIONS of dollars and you will get 20% .. and of course that number will always make you a millionaire. Alternate scams are the sons and daughters of some dead president or a minister of something like commerce.
The Solicitor Letter: A lawyer will contact you or a bank employee..(OK they are NOT real bank employees.. or lawyers) and he has a sum of money that the government is going to confiscate because a guy or gal died and there was no next of kin. He will want to set you up as the next of kin, or send you the money rather than the government get it..
The Crooked Government Employee: Some Nigerian, Ugandan, Ghana, or other African Government employee has managed to get funds in excess of millions of dollars into an account but needs to get it the hell out of the country.. He found YOU On the internet and well he trusts you to take the money...

There are several versions, one involving a plane crash which appendixes a news release from a valid story.
An entire family died so the scum decide to use it ..
In the end they want your bank account. They want your routing code and account number so that they can transfer the money INTO YOUR bank account. What they do not tell you is that somehow they can EMPTY your account with that number. NEVER give out your account info over the internet, phone etc. Run all paperwork with account numbers through a shredder to prevent scams around the house.. in the end become an "Informed Moogu"

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Cuban Crafters CigarsCuban Crafters CigarsCuban Crafters CigarsCuban Crafters CigarsCuban Crafters CigarsCuban Crafters CigarsCuban Crafters Cigars