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Rating: Fricking annoying. I did NOT solicit this. I did not ask for it.. I DID NOT ANSWER cause this probably went directly to spam mail and I deleted it.  OR MORE LIKELY.. I never got the first one cause this is nothing more than a letter trying to use psychological annoyances to manuver me into action.....However now that I have started making a living from SPAM, I read things like this. This particular time I told this person to Go F-Thyself. Why? Cause to me wasting my time, is taking from me the most precious thing I have.. my time. It is in the end all we have. When someone takes time from us for selfish, stupid and greedy reasons with no intent to help us they are committing a crime to me as bad as murder. If it sounds too good to be true.. it most likely is. I ignore letters like this for that reason. What is worse this moron then sends me more letters and does NOT  get the fact I do not wish to be involved.. and chastises me for wanton use of curse words.

My comment would be: Curse words well visited since he wasted my time.


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Pretty good.. no details available. Not sure how this is accomplished since email tracking is required, but then to I am guessing that it is why his mail keeps going to my spam folder cause there are no details as to how the email got to me and from whom it came.