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Contents - List of Scams by Type and by profession.

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Rating: Dangerous... many guides and outfitters have suffered from slow business of late and the opportunity to book a rich European can be very tempting. Read the analysis of this one.
In a message dated 11/23/2010 9:29:55 P.M. Eastern Standard Time, writes:

Thanks for your Response.We are interested in great vacation in
Alaska for Tarpon and Snook.We are interested in chartering 2boats 7 people fishing for 10days.We want you to get us all the total cost of  this below.

2Boat for the 7people (share the group in two)3 and 4
8 Hours each day(full day)
2 guides x 10 days fishing            =

 Total packages                           =$
12,500 for 7 people
Rate includes expert instruction, lunch, and other guide-related equipment. Flies, fishing

Please get me the total cost for everything including tax.


Greetings ,
We acknowledge the receipt of your response. I wish to inform you that the group have approved your price quotation so  Above all, the price quotation is well accepted by us and as such, we would want to make a prepayment  with  credit card so $4,000 will be Deposit  with my credit card to enable you hold the trip for us

Moreover,we also made an arrangement with a Language translator who will take care of transporting  the group that will be coming  with a flight and he will take charge of  other logistics matters also like procurement of travel documents and accommodation,so for
confidentiality,I have decided that only you will have to handle my credit card information.

Summarily,I would send to you my Sponsor credit card information as soon as I hear back from you. Once you receive the credit card, this is exactly what you are required to do;

1.  Charge a total of $11,000  from My account.
2...  Deduct $4,000 been the Deposit cost of your services
3....Then you will send the balance of  $7,000  to the  Language translator  whose.. information will be forwarded to you the balance   will be paid to you on the day of arrival or anytime you need it once this arrangement is confirmed..
Finally,confirm this arrangement and provide me with your..
(1) Your company full name/address
(2) Name of the Manager/Owner
(3) company telephone and fax numbers
N.B: all charges from the card will be charged in my account.and the balance of $3,000 will be made on arrival or 1 week before arrival
Engr John   

--- On Wed, 11/24/10, <> wrote:


  Here is the deal: This guy is going to book dates, he is then going to send you a letter / email stating that he will pay you more than is needed. Reason is he needs you to forward the extra to his travel agent, because he can only write one check.. Various and sundry reasons will be given. He may send a Certified Check. That check may be good enough to get by the bank, but when it is proven to be stolen, or a fraudulent check you will be required to repay it. NO the bank is not responsible to make sure you are NOT cashing a fraudulent instrument in most cases. IF they offer to pay by credit card, similar situation may occur. For some reason these folks have gotten ahold of numbers that are going to work.. for a day or so. Then the card will be charged back.. WHY? because you did not see the card. IF you do not see, no protection at all. DO NOT agree to send EXTRA money to anyone. I guarantee 100% of the time it is a scam.
I hate to help these folks, so I will say this, Read this carefully. Do you really believe someone from England wrote this...???? Someone who speaks fluent English?