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The Auto Protection Service Scam
Phone call scam - Call came from Sebastian Florida according to Caller ID.

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Analysis  See Funny Auto Scam Call Below
Rating: This one is just plain stupid. It comes from a company called Auto Protection Services.
It is basically a scam to get around the DO NOT CALL LIST.. they claim you have a warranty expiring. In my case I have NO cars with expiring warranties all my cars were bought used and are over 10 years old. Beyond that is the idea that they will warranty anything on a car that is over 15 years old. No doubt this is a worthless warranty, or one that will not cover its costs in most cases.

First: You will get a call from a phone number in Sebastian Florida.
The number that called me was 772-664-4005 and the caller reportedly worked for Auto Protection Services. 

I asked the following questions and got the following answers.. all be it, these are as I remember since I do not have a recording of the call.

The person answers and says they are calling about an expiring warranty on your vehicle.

Question:  Which car are you calling about..?
Answer:  I do not know the vehicle brand but it would be older than 2006

Question:  My cars fit that description, but how old of a car can you warranty?
Answer: We can warranty cars as old as ( My remembrance is 1988 but it was in the 80's)

Question: Well both of my cars are over 10 years old. Your telling me you can restore the warranty?
Answer: Yes sir.

Question: But my warranties expired 8 years ago or more.. matter of fact my cars were purchased used, with no warranty.. how could you be calling me about an expired warranty you have on file?
Answer: Well sir we have you in our data base.

I then said OK, and the first question the young lady asked me was my VIN Number on my vehicles.. now this is the STUPID PART.. who knows their VIN Number without going out to the car to get it? Beyond that with a VIN Number a car thief can reportedly steal your car. They simply call a dealer, give them the VIN and the dealer can make them a key. In some cases some cars only have about 10 different key combinations and they keep keys in stock.

I asked for a mailing address and was refused. I asked for a supervisor and got a nice enough gentleman who told me to quit screaming.. (I was not screaming, I was talking in a normal voice) I stated I am not screaming, I want an address for your company. I want to know where you are located and what your address is. I want to report you for violating the do not call list. BIG SURPRISE.. he refused and hung up.