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Contents - List of Scams by Type and by profession.

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Rating:  This one is just greedy and in my opinion dangerous because the companies are working as legitimate companies.

Here is how this works.
You will get an email claiming to have THOUSANDS of clients looking for a specific service and they want to sell those clients to you, by selling you sole control of specific key words.

NOW... do not get me wrong, this is a semi-legal business, but in my opinion a scam. These folks want to sell you a set of keywords. The fewer the words the more it costs. The example I will use is for the industry I am familiar with. The Fishing Industry.
How does the company get sole control of the Search Process?
They download a file to your computer when you ask for a free program like an update of Adobe or some other program. They then download a Browser Control program so that when you enter key words or a search on your tool bar you get results that they control.
The company that I talked to claimed to have 20 million users of their programs from day to day. That was my first clue that there was a problem.. from day to day?
They wanted to sell me keywords for Kenai River Fishing.. 3 words $2200 for 15,000 users a year who search for that term... Well if 10% of the visitors actually VISIT the site, or even call that is only 1500 people. That is well in excess of $1.00 per visitor. Much more expensive than Google or other search engines and referral services.  That is IF 10% of the customers will actually visit your site.  It also depends on NONE of those 20 million people deleting the program or actually  knowing how to delete the Browser Capture.  This is just a waste of money and if you have worked hard to build traffic these guys are in MY OPINION trying to steal your hard work on search engine optimization from you.. Why support them.

I am sure someone in the Industry will want to reply to this opinion of mine and you are more than welcome to.. My Evaluation of this is that it is a LEGAL Scam in that it is a waste of money, but is NOT currently illegal. I detest the downloading of programming that a person does NOT know is being downloaded. At one time all of these programs downloaded these Browser Hijack systems. The one I looked at was supposedly approved by Microsoft, but I am not sure and have no proof. I also saw no proof of any of their numbers or assumptions. If you are in the Key Word Sales Business feel free to email me your rebuttal. I will place it as prominent as this page..

Jim Dicken