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Work at Home Scam - Hampton Estates Limited
 wants you to process checks for them in the United States

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Rating:  Good but not one of the great ones. This one is predictable. They want you to cash checks for them and then send them the difference. Problem is that the checks will bounce and you will be held repsonsible and could go to jail, should you bother to send them the money.
Hamptons is another company that would have INTERIOR email accounts and not be using an outside email service.. Another reason to be suspicious.  In other words they would not have a gmail account.  This is similar to several other scams like the ones involving Fishing Guides, and Hotel Booking scams.


Hamptons Estates Limited,
32 Grosvenor Square,
Mayfair, London W1K 2HJ.
Tel: +44 (0) 7024033455
Tel: +44 (0) 7024033040
Fax: +44 (0) 8719003981
Company Number: 2036215
This email is serving as an invitation to treat with the above named company. We are pleased to inform you that we have offered you a part time job position in our Satellite Representative Department as our Satellite Estate Agent in your area, following our job search procedure; you were short listed in the initial email listing in our job search directory.
Hamptons had been established since 1869. Over the years we have accumulated invaluable experience in our business. At Hamptons, we acquire properties and valuable commodities for our clients around the world. Our main offices are located in the UK, Dubai, Italy, Morocco and Oman but we have developed a Multi Level Online Marketing Network to meet the demand of our fast growing customers worldwide by introducing Satellite Estate Agents. At Hamptons, we believe that quality comes through dynamic teamwork. We are making a noticeable difference in the property world by providing the best Estate Agents to deliver the best possible customer service, working closely together to achieve the highest results. We are proud of our reputation. If you are looking for a dynamic, professional company, which recognizes that the key to success is through the training and development of its staff, look no further.
We need self-starters with excellent skills who are looking for long-term\part-time career development to be our Satellite Estate Agent and will be working as a medium of reach between our fast growing customers in their area of locality. This offer is as a result of the fact that international transactions take longer time to clear than local transactions; hence you will be taking care of all transactions in your locality. We will provide you with the material and chance to succeed. It is your responsibility to make the most of the opportunity.
The job requires a flexible schedule shift that would not affect your present state of work. Your salary is based on commission for the first Month and there after you will be entitled to a full salary of $400 per week which is $1,600 per Month with some allowances that will be made known to you later base on your ability to handle the job perfectly. You are to choose how you want your salary (Monthly/Weekly). Your commission will be ten percent (10%) of every transaction you process on our behalf, which is not part of your salary. This implies that every transaction of $5000 you process, you stand to gain $500. You will deduct your $500 with any extra cost of sending the money to the company before sending the rest of the money to the company. Once you receive any payment from our customers who are making payments for outstanding invoices on behalf of the company, you will notify us. All payment should be wired to the company via Western ! Union Money Transfer, Money Gram o!
If you are interested in position kindly provide the details below:
Full Name: _______________
Street address: ________________
City: ________________
State: ________________
Zip code: ________________
Country: ________________
Age: ________________
Gender: _______________
Phone #: ________________
Occupation: ________________
Job Experience (If any): ________________
Note that this is not one of these scam artists going on in the Internet. We are aware of internet fraud going on recently, we employ you to forward any proposal in resemblance to this proposal to us so that we will take proper action against it and so we suggest you go through our website for more details about us, also disregard any email asking you to provide your Credit Card details and your ss# and also note that this transaction is risk free and legal under the reserved bank operation act 2005. All information given by you will be treated confidentially and used only for the purpose of your employment. This is in accordance with the US Data Protection Act 1998.
Best regards,
Mrs. Stacey Williams,
Employment Director.


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