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DE CASINO ONLINE Lottery. Euro Millions / Contact Donald Asbury

Contents - List of Scams by Type and by profession.



If this site has kept you from losing money a donation of $5.00 is cheap and would be appreciated.


Rating:  GEE WHIZ.. can you put a little more thought into your scam.. come on.. This one does not even send a convincing scenario with it. I feel cheated. Geez, if you are gonna tell me I WON, then tell me how, give me some bullshit reason that out of  8 billion people on the planet with Email that I won this lottery and how I won without even entering.  OK BAD spelling, BAD Grammar, and just plain lazy attempt at getting my information.


Your email have won ($1,500,000.00) Dollars in DE CASINO
Euro milliones.Esp.Forfurther development for
Clarification and
procedure please Contact the paying bank.
Contact Person:
Mr.Donald Asbury,
Send the following to the claims department:
Full names,Address,Age,
Occupation,Phone/Fax no,Ref No,Batch No.
(1) Tic Nr: 6460DGH
(2) Sr Nr: 0909AOB09
(3) LU Nr: 726726XZJHN
(4) BT Nr: 2GH267XZZ1-5-42

(5) RF Nr 9527BCV-33-7-7-7

Ms.Anna Maria

  This email is not well written..   They will in the end ask for your bank information so that they can transfer the money directly into your account.. At which point they will TAKE ALL of your money.
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