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Contents - List of Scams by Type and by profession.

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Ref: Investment Opportunity

I am Joe Stensby. My employer has asked me to make contact with you having obtained your email address from an Internet Directory.

This is a business proposition. My employer is an independent investment consultant and broker, offering services only in Scotland.

We have recently been asked to invest funds outside Scotland and have decided to seek partners outside Scotland to cooperate with us in investing the available funds because investments outside Scotland are not within our scope.

We are brokering an investment venture on behalf of a single client. The task is to invest Fifty Eight Million United States Dollars, USD 58, 000, 000 into areas such as Property and Stock markets as well as Private Equity Ventures.

We wish to enter into partnership with you and invest the funds in your country via your company. There would be remuneration for you if you choose to partake in this proposition and this will be discussed.

We cannot confirm that your email is still functioning therefore this proposition will be brief at this time. Should you be interested in working with us we can discuss the proposition further.

You may contact us directly on the number given below, but more conveniently by email which is also given. My employer will give you more information should you be interested in the proposed venture.

We hope to hear from you soon.
Thank you.

Joe Stensby
Tel/Voice: (0044) 7092 8831 49.



  Details on this email would not come up. Not sure why. This is another reason to be suspicious when you can not get an email to show you the details of where it comes from.