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Contents - List of Scams by Type and by profession.  


Job Hiring Scams:

Most of these want you to act as a third party representative by putting scammed payments into your bank account. You are supposedly paid a commission. In the past what happens is that they have you put the money in your own account. Work you for a couple of days or even a week, then drain your  whole account.  You have taken money that the scammers have bilked from others, put it in your account and given them access to take the money when they can.
In the end you are in trouble financially and legally, because the illegal money can be traced to you. They wanted YOU to take it so that the person they were scamming would think that they had a trail that could be followed to the end. In the end both of you are bilked only you may face lawyer fees to prove you were not involved in the Scam.

Here is my first example of a Job Hiring Scam:
Rating: Dangerous, to a point. Seems like a real solicitation. Fairly well written, none of the usual indicators. No misspelled words.

10 Bootee Road
Wyle Green
Sutton Cold field
West Midlands
United Kingdom B72 1DW
TEL NO: +44 (0) 702 408 0349

How would you like to get your job independence and work freely from the comfort of your home without losing your present job. My name is Damien Roberts and I am the CEO of one of the biggest and most successful Textile, Fabrics and antique wears company here in the UK.

I am contacting you because we are in need of a Payment Representative in the United States and Canada. So I would like to offer you a part time job as our payment representative with which you can earn twice your monthly salary depending on your Speed, Accuracy and Devotion to your work.

All you will be doing for us is to receive our payment on our behalf from our client's (which is always in the form of Money Orders or Cashier Checks), Process the payment and deduct your commission which is going to be ten percent (10%) of total amount processed and remit the balance to any of our offices via Electronic Transfer.

We need a representative because it takes a longer time period cashing checks that was sent from the USA to us in the united kingdom because it take like a month to clear the checks and sending someone over to
the USA to collect the checks usually consumes a lot of money so that why we are willing to part with 10% of the total sum so that we can always get the cheques cashed in a timely fashion since they are coming from the USA and Canada and our representative would also be in the USA and Canada.

The Scope of Your Work is as Follows:
Receive Payments on behalf of the company, Cash the Payments in your bank and deduct your 10% commission and Forward the balance to the designated officers.

If interested please reply with the following information below:

Damien Roberts
CEO/Recruitment Officer
Damien Roberts Textiles & Fabrics

Analysis: Its a hoax because you did not apply for a job. Beyond that why do they need YOU specifically to take the money? Why take the money and deal with it through a Local Bank that provides that kind of service legitimately? 


  If you did not apply for a job, why the heck are they writing to you? Wake up. Smell the smoke, there is a fire here and you are walking into a burning building.