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Analysis: Simple hoax letter. Decently written and much more legitimate sounding than most. However if you read it, closely, you notice that a man is writing it, but then says he went through a customary 2 year mourning period for his HUSBAND. Now either he is saying he is homosexual or he got this letter from someone else and simply forgot to change the tense from masculine to feminine, or he just is not smart enough. I am guessing the latter.. LOL.

Dear Friend
My name is Mr. Frank Bello  and my mother's name  is Mary Bello.  I am a refugee from Zimbabwe presently residing in South Africa. I am contacting you on behalf of the Bello's family with a great sense of loss having just finished a customary two (2) year period of mourning for my late husband, Mr. James Bello.  Thank you for your attention, I must apologize firstly for contacting you by this medium because I had no other option. I am prepared to offer you a substantial amount of money for you to assist my family in this venture.

My late husband, Mr. James Bello    was a very rich Zimbabwean farmer who was murdered in his farm  by the War veterans who took over his farm due to his position as Administrative secretary of the Matabelel and Movement for Democratic Change (MDC), the main opposition party in my country Zimbabwe kicking against the wicked acts of Mr. Robert Mugabe, the incumbent prime minister against the White farmers. As you may be aware, Prime Minister Robert Mugabe introduced new land reforms, which was particularly not favourable for the rich white farmers and few black farmers (my father  inclusive). After his death, I had to flee with my mother  and sister  to South Africa   because we were secretly informed of his plans to kill us.

Before his death, my father  had sold off his farming equipments and was preparing to re-locate to neighbouring Botswana where he was negotiating another expanse of land to set up another farm, but due to the tip-off he had received about his farm being up for seizure, he had diverted the proceeds of sale of his equipments and other monies to tune of US$45,000,000 (forty Five Million Dollars) into vault company in South Africa. He also gave us the transaction codes for the deposit and specifically instructed that we should contact a foreigner who will take delivery of the deposit once we are ready to make use or transfer the funds . All I need is your trustworthiness to be able to entrust the above said amount and help me with investment opportunities.

We decided to move to the Republic of South Africa where HE deposited the money in a Security Company as valuables which we want to transfer to Europe because of economic instability in Africa. So, I decided to contact overseas Individual that will assist me to move this money out of South Africa, because we are asylum seekers here in South Africa which disqualifies us from operating an account or getting involved in any financial transaction here in South Africa. We have agreed to give you from the total sum 30% for helping us to move this money to your country while 70% will be for my family to invest in your country.

I am contacting you as the  only son of my father,i'm 29  years old and the next of kin to my  father's estate.

If this correspondence touches your conscience, please feel free to contact us on his email   i'm in a good position to give you further information regarding the transaction as the next of kin.

The funds are not of illegal origin, it is not being traced or investigated, it is not stolen money, it is money that my father  made as a farmer and from selling his farm properties and I assure you there is no risk involved for you, Please do not ignore this correspondence and treat with utmost confidentiality due to the volume of money involved.
I await your urgent reply.
Yours Sincerely,
Mrs Mary Tandi



Details of the email for legal entities that are interested.

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