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Article: Watch out Around the Holidays.. Increase in Scam Emails and Quality of Scams increases.
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Contents - List of Scams by Type and by profession.

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Article: Days before Holidays are Hot Days for Scam Emails.
The best scammers work on short notice. They will buy a domain, set it up with a name close to that of the bank or institution involved and pounce at the time you are most likely to make a mistake. When is that time? The Wednesday before Thanksgiving and

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Thanksgiving day.. The day before Christmas and Christmas Day, New Years Eve and New Years. The 3 days of the year when the most people are off from work and even bank support staff are out of the office. When you are busy is the worst time to have your account shut down, thus the Account Suspension Notice Scams.. or you need cash for the holidays and they offer you a survey? $70.00 for a short survey.. and you can handle that for $70.00 right?

In 2011 a new scam appeared. It is the UPS package was delivered scam. This scam says that you received a package and it was picked up at the truck. IF there is an issue please use the attached form to contact UPS. The download is a .php file which most likely contains a virus or Trojan Horse to get into your accounts. DO NOT DOWNLOAD. Other scammers are sending just a blank email and asking you to download a file. One uses the name of a Femal Capt. In the military to get you to download another .PHP file.

This scam was soo good I gave it the highest rating of any scam ever posted in an email. Even the Domain was well thought out and working when I tried it. /reward/survey.php  was very close to the Account and sounds like a legitimate URL, but it is nothing more than a Phishing Scam trying to lure you in with a $70.00 account credit for taking a short 5 question survey. After the survey you are then asked for your  account info, your SS# and other vital info that can ruin your life.

Holiday weekends give scammers plenty of time to access your account without having you checking on it. Most of us are traveling or visiting and may or may not have access to computer to make sure of our account balances.

Beware the day before the big 3 holidays, those are the times when the best scams will appear.

Jim Dicken

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