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Rating: NEW! Never seen this one before 2-3-08... I am guessing that there will be fees to process the "Grant". I am responding, but if they have found this website, LOL yeah right, well I will be busted.

Area 2S, Sanctuary Buildings
Great Smith Street
Fax: +44 208 150 7894

Dear Grantee,


The Office of the Coordinator, United Kingdom Grants has commenced contacts with prospective grantees as recommended by the government of the United Kingdom for the 2008 fiscal year. Selection of prospective grantees has been based on recommendation as presented by local Chambers of Commerce.

This office is contacting you to request that you forward your contact details to us, to enable us file your contact information, as required to ascertain your desire to receive grants from this office, before grant application documents could be forwarded to you by this office.

Details of your grants and utilisation would be forwarded to you after this office has received your response with the requested details below via fax no.:
1.    Your full names
2.    Your contact address (including zip-code)
3.    Your contact telephone, fax and cell-phone numbers.

Accept our congratulations as we await your response

Yours faithfully,

Simon H. Fredrick

This is a well written and educated Scam, at least compared to most of the Nigerian Scams. But then this may not be a Nigerian Scam.  I personally suspect that Al Queda is using scams around the world to finance their operations, but that is just me. I have talked to some law enforcement folks in Canada who tell me that most of the money goes to China FIRST.. and since China does not co-operate in banking matters on international terror etc.. well who knows who gets the money..

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