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The Pledge of Allegiance Email - From a John McCain Speech

Scam Email Names and Emails

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The Oldest Scam on the Internet -
Bill Gates is beta testing and wants to pay you to do it. Bovine Fecal Matter Email Scam
If you forward this you are a MUGU.
Worlds Oldest Scam MORPHS into worlds most digusting scam..
The Burned Polish Baby Scam

Survive a PC disaster with Carbonite Online Backup
Holidays are Hot Times for Scam Email
New Paul Wolfenden Scam from England??
Paul Lawrence Scam Letter - Fishing Guide Scam is back

Newest Scams & Miscellaneous
New Hunting Guide Scam - Steve Hallway
Hallmark E-card Scam - goes to an FTP with an .exe file of unknown origin
The African Mastercard scam - Barrister Greg Williams only needs $198,000 to sent you $800 Million.
The BMW Lottery Scam
The Walmart Survey Scam -
take a survey and get scammed, or make  yourself a target.
Wikipedia Reference Scam -
Russian Tycoon needs your help
Google Payment Scam Your Adwords Account is on Hold.
Credit Card Disbursement of Winnings
The Ghana Gold Dust Scam With Gold at $1000 an ounce this had to show up
NEW AOL billing scam
FBI Terrorist Funds Scam
First of the Myanmar Cyclone Scams
This one is pretty good.

Bank Phishing Scams by Bank
The Newest Scam is one of the best EVER.. and planned for delivery on Holiday
Chase Bank Email Bill Scam
Capital One is the Target.. and its customers.
Your Bank of America Account has been logged onto from different computers
Capital One Bank Survey Scam - One of the Best Scam letters ever includes look alike real domain.
Sargeant Joey Jones - $25 Million from Iraq
Chase Bank - Survey Scam bank failure

Ocala Community Credit Union
- Reopen Suspended Account Scam by phone
Bank of America Phishing Scam Mail - Account Frozen
Hang Seng Bank - Mr. Simon Yi - We want to give you money - an illegal scheme / scam
Point Bank Phishing Email
East Texas Professional Credit Union
Susquehanna Bank Phishing Email
Bank of America Account Hold
American National Bank of Texas ANBT
Royal Bank Security Scam Notice of Security Update .. Fake Notice
Mr. Wang Hong Zhang Peoples Bank of China
Business Deal
Chase Bank - Account Used in different locations
International Commercial Bank - David Agyeman Letters
USF Federal Credit Union - Unrecognized Computer Security Letter
Halifax Bank Phishing Scam - Link
Pentagon Federal Credit Union - Phone Number Scam
Franklin Bank Scam
Old Point National Bank Account Suspended
San Antonio Federal Credit Union

Banking Scams - Different from Phishing Scams
Lacaixa Bank - Mr. Simon White scam
General Abacha Email
Steve Moses Email
Steve Amposah Email
Fed-Ex Emails
ACC Bank / Mr. Waseem Iqrar Hassan
Bank of Nigeria Email.. HUH.. Nigerian Scam from Nigeria?? LMAO
Hang Seng Bank - Colonel Uday Letter
Hang Send Banki Song Li Le Letter
Prime Bank In England - Mr. Howard George Letter
Mr. Abdullah Muhammad

Bank of Africa -
Mr Ibrahim Mohammed /Estate of Dr. George Brumley
K. Bui Dang Scam Letter
Swiss Holocaust Money Scam

Marina- Boat Rental Scam

The RE-Scam You-Scam -
The Nigerian Government wants to return your money.. Or you  really are a Mugu

NEW RE-Scam you / Scam Letter from the NSA

A Second Re-Scam - Bishop Johnson Galvin
of the UN Bank wants to return money to you

Charity and Disaster Scams
Sargeant Joey Jones - $25 Million from Iraq
Myanmar Disaster Scam
Juanita K. Brustad Scam

Ebay-Phishing Emails
How Much to Mail this Scam -
Item #199488724442

E-bay Registration Suspension
Ebay - Crossover Scam
The Ebay Image Email Item not paid for
E-Bay Unpaid Item Scam - Dangerous this one is
Another Unpaid Item from 361Jaraldo downloadable .dll link.
4 Wolves Fabric Scam - Unpaid Item
Your Ebay Account has been suspended

FBI Scam Letters
This topic is about scam letters that are NOT from the FBI, but use the FBI as a screen for the scam. The US FBI will not contact you using email.

The FBI wants to tape internet impostors

Government Grant Scams (NEW!)
United Kingdom Grants

ISP Billing Scams
AOL Scam - Update your billing info
Most Recent Payment did not process - Account
might be suspended

NEW AOL billing scam

The Yahoo Email Beta Test - Requires a download of suspicious nature.

Inheritance Scams
Are you Alive -
Central Bank of Nigeria
Reverend Father Phillip Joseph wants to give you money from Reverend Father Bono
Mrs. Jennifer Wislon Emails
Mr. John Maxwell
The Bello Family of Zimbabwe - $45,000,00 inheritance.. needs to be moved.
Mrs. Alisia Malo am 51 years old from Botswana
Huang Hui of the Hong Kong Bank - Wants you to commit a crime and accept inheritance not yours.
Eric Obeiche - Ivory Coast

Iraq War Scams
Capt. Miguel WilliamS.
Sgt.James Peter - Millions in found money

IRS Scam Letters
IRS Stimulus Check Scam - $1712.72 for the greedy?
IRS John Stewart E-mail Tax Refund Miscalculation
Get Overpayment Back on your Visa or Mastercard Scam
Identity Theft Scam - We need your SS# to process this refund.
Your Tax Refund - We have calculated your refund
Economic Stimulus Scam
2nd Economic Stimulus Scam Mail - Your October 3 Stimulus Check

The IRS will NEVER contact you by e-mail. They ONLY use US Postal Service. Gov't Employess supporting Gov't Employees.. duh.

Job Scams
Alfred Wadsworth Wants you to process millions of dollars for him
Payment Representatives 
Teikoku Oil Check Processing Job - Japan Bank
Canon of Australia part time job
The New Investment from Scotland Scam
The Work at Home Scam - Hampton Estates
 Limited Check / Payment Processing Scam

Lottery Scams
The Left Handers Lottery (A.P.C.)
The Microsoft Lottery Scam
Thailand Lottery Scam
The British Hot Ball Lottery Scam
The Spanish Lottery Scam Email
The South African God Cup Lottery Scam
Second Gold Cup Scam Letter
The UK National Lottery
De Casino Lottery - Chincy Scam
London Lottery -City Lotto program held in London.
The Yahoo Lottery - You've won

Non Government Grants / Private Foundations
An Italian Foundation Fondazio Di Vittorio?
Another Fondazion Di Vittorio with the UNO Phishing Emails
Live Strip Chat Camera Sexy Girls - Paypal payment scam
Password Restriction Email
Your Paypal account could be suspended
Another Email  Address added to your account
Your Account is out of date
Security Verification File Download scam
Paypal: Restore your account Access

Ebay - Crossover Scam

Phone Call Scam
Auto Protection Services Phone Call - Car Warranty

Key Word Buying Scam

Reservation Scams

Mr. Alan Scott Scammer
Thompson Walter

Restaurant Scams (NEW)
The Dinner Reservation Scam

Charity Scams
First of the Myanmar Cyclone Scams
This one is pretty good.

Juanita K. Brustad son needs medical care.

Survey Scams
New Scam targets Walmart Customers - Survey Scam Phishing for your credit card #

Travel Industry Targeted Scams
Bed and Breakfast Scam the travel scammer
I want to buy 32 Garmin GPS 72 scam
Fishing and Hunting Guide Scam
English Hunter Scam
English Fisherman Scam
Hyatt Booking Scam -
Hotel booking scam that targeted a Hyatt Hotel
Harry J. Harry Scam Letter
Famous Scammer Harry J. Harry Replies
to an email from
Steven Williams Scam Letter
Hong Kong Group Letter

US Embassy Letters
A very strange scam.
The Consignment Box Scam
The Paraguay Consignment Variation

Fed-Ex Courier Package not Embassy Related
but same scam

Your Money or Your Life
The Hitman Cometh OR the "Live or Die" Email

Unsolicited Business Proposals
The Work at Home Guy - Wasting my time.

How the 3 Card Monte Scam Works with Video
With Newest scams and
 info first then
alphabetically down
 in the columns.



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