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Contents - List of Scams by Type and by profession.

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Rating:  OK, if the first words on a letter are "This is NOT a Scam" its a scam.
This is the first of the Myanmar Scam mails I am sure. Not bad timing.. geez normally it takes a bit over a month to get the latest disaster letter.


Please let this not be a scam to you, it has nothing to do with scam in any form or fashion. It is a real life event which has derailed my world. First and foremost, permit me to introduce myself, if I may, I am Sarah Al-rehman, 57, a Haiti citizen who resides in Yangon, Myanmar with my husband and our kids. I am confined with Colon cancer stage 4 and have been in the hospital for the past couple of weeks. I just lost my husband and sick daughter at home in his dad's care due to cyclone heat here. The most devastating moment in my life!  My three other kids were in school during the horrible storm incident which disrupted our entire environ a few days ago. We are presently homeless in spite of all the efforts of the UN and US aides. My late husband is an International security broker. I have a few of his security assets to generate funds to purchase a home in your country. In point of fact, I have been in contact with his financier broker in Europe who can help me sell his securities and convert it into liquidity (cash) for this purpose. But I don't know how to go about international deal or trade nor know much on legal issues.  I have details of a single family home I like to purchase in United States or can you help me purchase a decent one in your location?  In the meantime, I won’t mind if you send me pictures of a decent home in your location or link me to a broker.  However can you be of any help? Are you honest, reliable and God-fearing? Can I entrust you to a large fund thereby instruct the broker to transfer it into your bank account. Please let me know at your earliest convenience. He can transfer the funds to you if you can assure of your humanitarian, noble care.  I need a reliable foreign contact to help me facilitate, inspect and co-ordinate the house purchase transaction as fast as possible. We can't wait to leave this dangerous place! I have suffered enough lose already! I am writing you this letter in tears! My eyes are swollen! I need your help if you will be of aid. I bet the good lord will not let you down in your personal endeavor.

Hope my email finds you well and safe.
The courtesy of your quick response will be highly appreciated.
Sarah Al-rehman




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