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Contents - List of Scams by Type and by profession.

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Analysis: Definite Scam. This letter has a phone number associated with an Ebay Car Scam
I suspect this is the same scammer trying to get more money based on the charitable nature of the US People.

Dear Mr,

I am a 31 years old woman from St. Louis Park, Minnesota. I feel very ashamed doing this. I know that is a reprehensible method but I have no other way to surpass the difficulties that I'm experiencing.
I have a 7 years old son who needs a medical intervention on the brain, my husband left me and I am unemployed.The medical intervention costs - $82,000 , not covered by the insurance. I found a homework as typist but I have no money for the medichal operation. For this mailing I was helped by a friend.
If you can, please help me even with the smallest ammount, even $1, as I can collect the money needed. For a person this sum represents nothing but for me it's the life of my son..
I don't know how to convince you, but everything I wrote is truth. In fact, I have much more problems but, I think, nobody is interested in someone's personal trouble. I received many kind of responses; some ugly, like "OK. Send your picture nude", others kindly, like "send you our best wishes and prayers for you. There was a single person who helped me with $200, that I already received.
Sorry if I disturbed you. There will be no other mail.
I'll be pleased to provide you any other detail you want.

I want you to believe that all I wrote is the truth. I'm absolutely sure that someone will help me with the rest and, then, it will be neither letters nor complaints. I wouldn't done this if I would had another option.
Home phone number: 507-931-2028
My paypal address:

Thank from all my heart and God bless you,

Juanita K. Brustad



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