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Subject: From Joy Moses
Date: 2/1/2008 5:04:26 A.M. Eastern Standard Time
How to Avoid:
Rating: If you fall for this .. you are a Moogu! Worst of the worst.. not even worthy of most people except maybe for a mentally challenged totally trusting person. Send out a million and you may get one reply.

From Joy Moses
Dear Please do not be embarassed with this letter as we have not seen or met before. My name is Joy Moses, I am the only daughter of Late Mr. Steve Moses a wealthy cocoa merchant in the northern part of Cote D'CIvoire who was killed during  November 2005 Crisis
My late father deposited the sum of Ten Million Five Hundred Thousand United state Dollars (USD$10.5M) with a bank here in Cote D'Ivoire.
Dear I want you to assist me to transfer this money to your account and invest it in any available business of your choice and take me to your country to futher my education Dear if you are touched to help me, kindly reply me urgently   
Thanks and remain blessed.
Miss. joy Moses

《天龙八部》2008新春贺岁 邀您一块上春晚>>

Analysis: Oh cry me a river. Same song, different melody and not even a good one. Look for the misspellings, and the bad grammer first.. then look also at the NAME.. Joy with a small J??
Clue #1: Africa.
Clue#2: Name I am guessing is that of a REAL Person though a search on Google got no response really.
However if you contact this person they will most likely send you a link to some newspaper somewhere with an article about Mr. Moses.
Clue#3: YEAH RIGHT they just FOUND you on the internet and want to give you PART of 10.5 million dollars?????????? WAKE UP!
Clue#4: Blind faith that once you have the money that you will help THEM..  even the most naive know to look for a scam..
Clue#5: Chinese or Asian lettering and the details claim this is from FRANCE...
Last but not least.. they will  ask for your banking info..and you will be least from that account.



Umm if I got to tell you to hit the delete key on this one.. you need help or to seriously consider an adult mentor or a legal guardian.  
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