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Rating: Semi Clever.  I have received quite a few of these over the years. Each offers to give me part of the money that these folks left behind. Problem is they want you to be involved in an illegal activity. This should immediately start bells ringing, but if it does not then understand that many people have tried to cash in on this stupid Scam and all have been taken. Better written than most few misspellings.. STILL it is a scam. Beyond that is the fact this guy does NOT identify a specific bank or loan house or investment company. Clever, but makes me more suspicious.

Dear Friend,

I write to seek your participation in a transaction that would be of mutual benefit to both of us. Before my proposal to you, let me Introduce myself. My name is K. Bui Dang I am an administrative officer, working with a diplomatic fiduciary/security company in United Kingdom But Presently on assignment in United Kingdom . My duty involves administrative documentation of deposits in the Company.

In the course of one of my daily routines of stock taking, I had Noticed that there had been a particular deposit/consignment in the Company that has been dormant for the past 5 years, which no one had Since come forth for. To this effect, late last year, I began making some Private investigations to ascertain the beneficiary nature and other relevant information on the deposit/consignment.

I found out that the beneficiary of the deposit had since passed on 5years ago. Upon going through the deposit formats filled at the time of deposit, I discovered that the deceased did not state any next of Kin in case of his death. Thus, thereby leaving the deposit dormant till date. However, most stunning was on further investigation to ascertain the content of the deposit. I discovered that the consignment was filled with cash of Dollar bills. Judging from the weight and seize of the consignment, I have calculated and approximated the amount of cash in it to be about US$15M. . Now, I seek your assistance/partnership to claim the said Consignment from the company and spilt the cash between us in a ratio that would be negotiated between us.

This of course, is subject to your acceptance to participate in this Transaction. Please note that by virtue of my designation in the Company, I have worked out the perfect modality as well as I shall Provide the relevant information/documentation for the successful claim of the consignment. Be rest assured that this transaction carry's no risk whatsoever. In this regard and in order to keep it risk free, I expect you should be able to keep the transaction highly confidential.

Please acknowledge or indicate your interest on the above
Subject by providing your direct Telephone and fax numbers. Upon my receipt of your favorable response, I shall provide in-depth details of this transaction.
Best Regards,
K. Bui Dang

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