The Fed Ex Scam

Details: Information on the email .. tracking info etc....
Analysis: I call this Fed Ex Scam because this particular email came "FROM" Fed Ex at least that is how the address read. One thing you need to understand is that Email can be sent from any where, and people out there know how to make it LOOK LIKE it was sent from somewhere else... If you look at the bottom of this page in the details section you will see that the email is from

Attention' Attention''Attention'''

                                                CLAIM NOTIFICATION.

This is to notify you that your parcel is still in our possession,this parcel contained an International Cashier Bank Draft/Cheque worth the sum of $2 Million dollars only and it is ready for delivery to your door step. Meanwhile, before the delivery or shipment will take place,you are advice to send to us the following datas mention below:

1.Your Name

The above requested informations will enable us deliver your parcel correctly without any mistake or delivering your parcel to a wrong person.Furthermore,you might be asking yourself how comes this email,cheque or draft,Anyway,your cheque was brought to this office by a Lottery Fudiciary Agent Or Claim Agent,signifying thatyou are a rightfull winner to their Lottery Award selected randomly from 10 lucky email addresses which your email address is one of the lucky email address.

FedEx courier service company mailing you as per your parcel that was brought to this company to be delivered to you by  lottery groups, along the delivery process that brought a misunderstanding between you and the lottey claim agent and in regards of their request as per their insurance certificate cost and tax fee which happened to be the course of your parcel being pending for the past months/one year.

Meanwhile we are hereby happy to inform you that the FedEx Company has finalized everything with the nicon insurance company of Nigeriaí and the internal revenue office as the company organization has also listed 24 valuable parcelís to be intact in their office after the released of the parcelís from the nicon insurance company and internal revenue office.

We are happy to inform you once again that your parcel that contains the sum of $ 2 million dollars is among the 24 parcelís listed which is now in our office and also with your name as the receiver despise that we lost your private residential addressís, which is an indication that you can now re-send your residential address, telephone as stated above back to the FedEx company where your parcel can be delivered to you without hesitation with this e-mail  ( or(
Meanwhile remember that the sender of this parcel to you that the fudiciary agent still owes this company the sum of $130  before incident occurs, know you that this company has spend out of their incomes in the process by recovery back your parcelíso dear customer we once again appreciate your patronage in our favour.

Without hesitations you are to pay for just the balance left by your sender since we have lost his contact.via western union so that your parcel can be delivered to your residential address before it accumulate a demurrage after one week only,as you know your parcel is not just an ordinary parcel but with a huge amount and I think you understand wath I mean by accumulating a demurrage? Which you will not allow to happen to your recovery parcel that almost gone if not for the love that the good god have for you by favoring you with his favour because it was god who did it not by your power but by the spirit say the lord.
We assure you that your parcel will arrive at your country in two days time and it will get to your door step the third day as soon as this company receive the balance left by your senderíand the tracking number of your parcel will be sent to you via e-mail immediately so that you can track it yourself to see your parcel coming on the way and you will also know when it will arrive at your country because we operate in trust and loyalty in your favour.
And also the FedEx Courier Service Company is hereby to inform all their customers by eradicating all their communication with the scam mails that are going all-over the world be careful with their e-mails so that your parcel will not be in danger with their evil plans.
FedEx provides access to a growing global market place through a network of supply chain, transportation, business and related information
AMOUNT TO BE PAID---------$130
MTCN NUMBER......................

Please you ahve to send the full payment information including the MTCN Number for we to fully proceed on your delivery
FedEx is one of the world's great success stories, the start-up that revolutionized the delivery of packages and information. In the past 30 years, we've grown up and grown into a diverse family of companies -a FedEx that's bigger, stronger, better than ever. Call me: Tel:.+234-8082-454-782 



How to Avoid:
Ok, the big question here is, why are you going to get this package in the first place. Someone accidentally sent you a box with millions of dollars in it? This guy does not even say you won a contest.. BUT for $131.00 you can get your 2 Million Dollars.. Don't DO IT! Just say no to the Mugu Mind Set.


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