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Dr. Peider Mengiardi Scam.. Neat thing is it sounds just like the name of Kentucky's Lietenant Governor in 2008 - Mongiardo.

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Rating: STUPID - should I spell that slower for you.. What part of this does not make you smell the south end of a Bovine going north? I mean really, it is some guy picking you out of 6 billion people on the planet and he wants to give you 40% of an illegal profit that he is going to get from a Swiss bank that has had this money for 50 or so years.. do you really believe they are not going to check every detail before they give this cash away?  Do you believe that you will not go to jail?

In the end they want your bank info so they can "Deposit" the money into your account.. it ends up they can also TAKE money with the same info.. so you are now broke.

Dear Friend,

I am  Dr Peider Mengiardi, a member of lndependent committee of Eminent person {ICEP} , Switzerland, ICEP is charged
with the responsibility of finding bank account in Switzerland belonging to non-swiss indigenes,
which have remained dormant since world War II.

It may interest you to know that in july of 1997,the swiss bank's association published a list of
dormant account originally opened by non-swiss citizen. these account had been dormart since the
end of world War II{ may 1945, most belonged to Holocaust victims.

The continuing effort of the lndependent committee of Eminent person {ICEP} have since resulted in
the discovery of additional dormant accountS,54,000 in December, 1999 the published list contain
all types of dormant accounts, including lnterest-bearing saving accounts
securities accounts, safe deposit boxes,custody accounts,and non-lnterest bearing transaction
accounts,numbered account are also lncluded. Interest is paid on accounts that were lnterest
bearing when established, the claim resolution tribunal [CRT]
( handles processing of all claims on accounts due
non-swiss citizen .

A dormant account or ORDNER ADELE with a credit balance of 6,000,000 00,us dollars plus
accoumulated lnterest was discovered by me .the beneficiary was murdered during the holocaust
era, leaving no will and no possible records for trace of heirs.

The claims resolution tribunal has been mandated to report all unclaimed funds for permanent
closure of accounts and transfer of existing credit balance into the treasury of Switzerland
government of assets of deceased benificiaries who died ltenstate {living no wills} .
As a top executive at ICEP , i have all secret details and necessary contacts for claims of the
funds without any hitch. the funds will be banked in the cayman lsland, being a tax free, safe
haven for funds and we can share the funds and use in investment of our choice due to the
sensitive nature of my job, l need a foreigner to help claim the funds. All that is required is
for you to provide me with your details for processing of the necessary legal and administrative
claim documents for transfer of the funds in your name. THIS PARTICULAR FUND AS I SPEAK WITH YOU
Kindly provide me with your full name,address,and telephone,/fax.

I have had everything planned out so that we shall come out successful. I have contacted an
anthoney that will prepare the necessary document that will back you up as the next of
kin/benefciary to ORDNER ADELE before the funds can be transfered to you to a nominated bank
account of your choice.

My share will be 60 percent and your share is 40 percent of the total amount . there is no RISK can find additional lnformation about unclaimed funds through the lnternet at the following

http// holocaust

The Holocaust claim processing office has put fund in escrow account with a BANK IN THE U.K
awaiting submission of valid claim for necessary disbursement. l find my self privileged to have
this lnformation and this is a great opportunity for a life time of success without risk . due to
security reasons,

thank you for your prompt response
Best regard.
Dr Peider Mengiardi