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If you have a scam you want to know about  contact me. More scams will be added each day.
IF you have been scammed, I am sorry but I can not help you with that.. but telling me about it may help others.  Otherwise I know about it and I am sorry you were scammed. Contact the FBI Online concerning all scams. Building a database like this takes time and I have other work as well.. This is my attempt to help all Internet Users..

Contents - List of Scams by Type and by profession.

What is a Mugu? - As in Where Mugu's come to learn?

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Scam Emails - A site to fight the Mugu Mind Set.   I will try to add a couple of emails each day that I receive. I suspect that adding e-mails each day will not be a problem since I get over 100 a day I have plenty of new content on a regular basis.

Here you will find as many of the current scams that I can find on the internet. If you have been scammed, have gotten a scam letter let me know and I will post it here so that there is a searchable database of scam email. In the end maybe, by having this database, we can reduce the number of scam emails on the internet and the scammers will move back into more traditional Scam's like picking pockets... LMAO... Yeah right. Scams will always be here on the net, but we can fight them
with knowledge. If you get an email and have doubts.. search for things in it.. like the phone number, name, email address etc.. If the number, name or email has been used hopefully you will
 find it here. This site will not be elaborate.

FBI- Letter Scams - The FBI wants to tap internet impostors email

I highly recommend McAffee Site Advisor
for your browser. It will filter MOST
links to sites that were set up to Phish
your personal information.
You can get McAffee Site Advisor for FREE
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Jim Dicken
Owner Scam NEW!
UPS Delivery Scam / File Attached. NEW!

Scammer Data Base - Names of Known Scammers and Email Addresses

Newest JERK pretending to be a US Soldier with Millions of Sadams Money .
..  Tell  him to get a real job and quit being an impostor of brave men.

 It will have some advertising. Obviously if you have been helped, I would appreciate a donation, or take the time to check out one of our advertisers on the site. ANY ONE can be scammed from the little guy to the largest corporation. Hopefully we can create a database of information that folks can use to fight back. I got interested in Scam emails when the fishing guides that I work with began to report letters that seemed too good to be true, but worse which came

with Certified Checks. The checks always proved to be fakes, though most were good enough to get by small town banks and some mid-major city banks.

You can search for information by going to Google and other search engines. Type in the name, or other particulars that the person is using. Phone numbers are something that is hard to change so those are good indicators. These guys will use the same phone until they can no longer get any replies. Many times they are cell phones purchased in Canada, or in England. I had one a few years back that wanted delivery to some churches in British Columbia. He called my house to request payment and give directions. When I called the RCMP I found out the phone number was from Ontario, not from BC.

Jim Dicken

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